The Bitter Liqueurs: intense aroma and natural soul

foenum spilimbergo nocino foenum spilimbergo nocino
amaro di spilimbergo amaro di spilimbergo


gradation: 30% vol

capacity: 50 cl

A delicate Amaro dedicated to our native town. Amaro di Spilimbergo is a sweet and delicate liqueur with a prevailing part of herbal notes, infact you can distinguish on the palate: rhubarb, chamomile, thyme, spring mint and absinth. These are some of the main botanicals used in its creation.

amaro nocino amaro nocino


gradation: 34% vol

capacity: 50 cl

A classical liqueur coming from the Italian legacy. Our Nocino as tradition wants, is made using just green Venetian and Friulian walnuts picked approximately on the 24th of June concurrently the summer solstice, as well as the celebration of St. Giovanni feast. After leaving them maceratingon alcohol and Friulian grappa for a long period, it’s filtered and softened and finally bottled. The outcome of this long procedure will be a smooth,velvety liqueur with fragrant notes of walnuts.